RSSI, regain control over
Active Directory with Tenacy

When it comes to the security of your information system, Active Directory (AD) plays a central role. As the guardian of access, it plays a fundamental role in your organization's configuration management. As you know better than anyone, it is the cornerstone of your information system's security, and as CISO, you are on the front line of the battle to protect it.

However, since it has historically been managed by production teams, the visibility you have of the AD can sometimes be limited. So how do you secure a perimeter over which you have no control? How can you ensure that configurations have been carried out correctly, and that they follow best practices?

At Tenacy, we understand how difficult it can be to maintain Active Directory security. That's precisely why we've developed Tenacy, an intelligent platform dedicated to managing your cybersecurity. Our mission is simple: to put you back in control of your AD, by giving you the visibility you need to effectively secure your information system.

Protect your IS with Active Directory Security

Protecting AD is essential for the security of your entire organization, because as you know, any unauthorized access can jeopardize the integrity of your data and the continuity of your operations. That's where Active Directory Security (ADS) comes in! A service developed by ANSSI specifically for regulated operators and the public sector. Its aim is to help you strengthen the security of your AD. But how?

ADS rates the security level of your Active Directory on a scale of 1 to 5, depending on the severity of the vulnerabilities detected. Level 1 corresponds to critical vulnerabilities, while level 5 indicates optimum security.

ADS and Tenacy, your information system's allies

By integrating ADS into its platform, Tenacy takes your business to the next level!

Imagine being able to centralize all your security tool data in one place. Tenacy makes it possible. No more time wasted navigating between different interfaces and juggling scattered data! Now you have a global, synthetic view of your security levels, with clear dashboards and indicators.

We've made collecting and managing ADS recommendations more efficient than ever! Document, enrich and prioritize recommendations directly in the platform, to facilitate collaboration with your teams. Now you can actively and transparently follow and implement ADS guidelines.

The icing on the cake? Unlike the static picture of vulnerabilities provided by ADS at a given moment, Tenacy lets you document, enrich and track the evolution of your reports over time. In this way, you can identify trends, spot persistent vulnerabilities, and assess your progress against your security objectives day after day, month after month, and year after year. A great way to showcase your successes to management!

So why not simplify your daily routine and take action now?