the CISO's partner for enterprise-wide performance

We've always been convinced that cybersecurity should be a gas pedal to help companies achieve their business objectives. That we need to move away from an anxious, defensive vision to a constructive, positive approach for organizations.

Our background is in IT security consulting. That's where Cyril Guillet and Julien Coulet, our founders, cut their teeth. This heritage is one of our strengths: we understand and know the real needs of cybersecurity teams and CISOs.

Faced with increasing compliance constraints, multiplying threats and a growing number of operational security tools, it was necessary to develop an all-in-one platform to lighten the mental load on CISOs. And we did! By creating Tenacy in 2019.

simplifying and improving everyday life CYBERSECURITY TEAMS

That's what we do.

Thanks to our platform, cybersecurity teams can centralize and measure all cybersecurity processes and data. The result is greater visibility, efficiency and consistency, and therefore better, more confident decision-making.

After 3 years of strong acceleration, we now have 30 employees, 100 customers, over 2,000 users and around 20 technology partners.

Today, we are the leading Cyber GRC platform in France.

3 pillars to affirm our uniqueness

We structure our activities around 3 fundamental pillars to achieve our mission and help our customers succeed.

Improving the day-to-day life of cybersecurity teams

A mantra, it's the goal we set ourselves every day. It guides our product roadmap, our customer service and all our projects. It's what guides our product roadmap, our customer service and all our projects, all designed to provide our safety teams with a worry-free working environment that benefits the whole company.

Promoting the sharing of expertise
& knowledge

We believe in the dynamics of synergies, in sharing skills so that knowledge circulates, and everyone takes ownership of it. That's why, in the coming months, we'll be launching a unique Cyber GRC content platform.

Listening and service excellence at the heart of support

We're humble enough to listen at every stage of the customer journey. Why do we do this? So that we can improve, move forward, focus on scalability and offer personalized approaches.

+ More than 100 companies and public institutions trust Tenacy

Tenacy has been awarded the "France Cybersecurity" label

Awarded in January 2022, this label is a mark of excellence for us in France and internationally, and recognizes the work carried out by the Tenacy team since the company was founded.

It certifies that "the products, solutions and services bearing the label are designed, developed and operated in France, by a dynamic and innovative industrial sector recognized by the market".

Initial fund-raising of €2.5m.

In order to finance our growth and have the means to accelerate in different markets, we carried out a first seed in March 2022.

This first round of financing was carried out with Kreaxi, Cyber Impact, Teamwork Capital Management and Crédit Agricole Création, with the support of BPI France, BNP Paribas and Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

Our team

Tenacy it's more than a company, it's a team!

We're proud to support cybersecurity teams in turning their activity into a performance driver.






Product Manager

Baptiste DAVID

Head of PreSales and Delivery


Account Executive


Account Executive

Maxime ONAVE

Customer Success Manager


Customer Success Manager


GRC Expert

Nassim DIB

Pre-Sales and Integration Engineer


Sales Development Representative


Sales Development Representative

Florent YVON


Guillaume SACHET

Data and R&D Engineer

Romain RICHE

UX / UI Designer

Flavien LE BLOND

Testing Automation Engineer


Front-end developer

Maxence COURT

Full stack developer

Clément CASTRO

Lead Developer

Caroline FIORITO

Office Manager


Communications and Events Manager


Digital Marketing & Acquisition Project Manager

Justine ABRIAL

Web marketing manager

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