Whatever your approach to cybersecurity management (risk or compliance), analyzing your organization's risks is now essential.

So the question is no longer "should we do it?", let alone "why should we do it?", but more importantly "how can we do it effectively?". And that's what this webinar is all about!

On the program:

  • How do you analyze your risks in 2023?
  • Which method to choose? 
  • How can you speed up your analysis with Tenacy ?

Hosted by :
Baptiste DAVID,
Product Evangelist Tenacy

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An actionable knowledge base 

Tenacy includes a complete catalogue of risks , each with suggestions forschemes, indicators and associated recurring tasks.

The catalog Tenacy Also offers more than 30 policies (PCI-DSS, NIST, HDS...).

Connectors Tenacy

Go even further in the automation of your cyber processes thanks to connectors and our API, which can be activated in a few clicks from the platform Tenacy.

This gives you the opportunity to power Tenacy data from third-party applications to complement your dashboards. Your reporting will be automated.