Are you a member of the ISS team, a long-standing CISO or newly appointed to the position?
Your job is often highlighted by current events, while at the same time being subject to pressure from your company's internal ecosystem.

Based on this observation, we have written this white paper in which you will find methodological and practical advice on the key actions of your function through 5 major themes:

  • Supporting the company's activity
  • Gain visibility over your teams and indicators
  • Communicating with top management
  • Get your whole company on board
  • Save time and increase productivity

Each tip and recommendation has been collected from CISOs and cybersecurity consultants.

We're not looking for "trendy" new technologies, but for organizational and pragmatic solutions to help you in your day-to-day work, and even to offer you a new way of doing your job!

Take action and harness the 5 powers of cybersecurity management!

All quantitative and statistical data used in this document are taken from publications by CLUSIF, CESIN, CIGREF or ANSSI.